Meeting Mom and Dad

It happened a little over a month ago, August 9th to be exact. I was living at this home with my 6 brothers and sisters and we were hungry for dinner. The couple taking care of us decided to go to the store to pick something up and I was chosen to go for the ride.

We ended up at this place called WalMart. We were headed to the checkout with a bag of food and all of a sudden I heard this man say "Hey, can I see your dog?". That's when I saw them, my future mom and dad, Lori and Aaron. The four people talked about how old I was, what breed I am and if I was a boy or a girl. The couple I was with said I was a boy. Aaron said he would name me Oscar. A few minutes later another woman walked up and Aaron asked her what she would name me and she said Oscar also. The whole time I was trying to tell them I was a girl and didn't want to be called that, they really needed to think of something better.

After I bit they handed me to Lori and said goodbye to me. I wasn't sure what was going on but I felt comfortable with these new people. They seemed really happy and kept laughing about how they went to WalMart for one thing and were leaving with a dog.

We were about to leave when we ran into the other woman that wanted to call me Oscar. Aaron let her know that they were now going to name me Chili. She liked that name and thought it suited me well.

We got in the car and I decided to take a nap. It's been an exciting night. When I woke up we were at a different house where I met my new brothers, Pyro and Ringo. I'll tell you about them later.

My adventures are just beginning...

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