Pyro, My Big Brother

I have the best big brother around. When I first came home he would let me climb all over him and bite at his ears. As you can see, in this picture from our last car ride, they are as big as radar dishes so how could I not want to chew on them. He would even let me bite and pull his tail. He knew I was just a little girl and he never did anything to hurt me.

Now that I'm getting bigger he is trying to teach me everything I need to know about being a good puppy. I watch everything that he does and copy him. I've learned that I can jump against the door to let momma know that I want to come back inside but I have to sit down and wait for her to open it.

He's also taught me that it's time to stop playing and go to sleep when momma shuts the bedroom door and turns the light off. He'll snuggle with me for a while before I go to my "cave" between the pillows.

I'm getting stronger every day and if you watched us play you would think we were fighting because of all the growling sounds I make. When I get too rough he let's me know by tackling me and holding me down for a few moments. I guess I don't know my own strength sometimes because he does that a lot!

I hope he'll teach me everything he knows and that we'll be best buddies forever!

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